Meet & Greet - Tuesday, 8/26 in Black Rock City!

    Ring in the "new year" with your fellow South Bay Burners!

    The first South Bay Burner Meet & Greet of the new Burner year will be on Tuesday, August 26th from 3-5pm at the South Bay HardCORE Regional Camp! Come play with other South Bay Burners in all their dusty glory, and cross-pollinate with all the home-town friends you haven't met yet ! Please bring booze, mixers, or snacks to contribute and discover friends you can see “the other 51 weeks of the year”!

WHERE: Southbay HardCORE Regional Camp, in Sizzleville, 7:45 & Ephesus

WHEN: Tuesday, 8/26 from 3pm-5pm

Link to online What/Where/When

SoulFire Precompression, Oct 17-19 in Los Gatos!


    Stay Tuned!