April Meet & Greet

Thursday April 16th in West San Jose

    For April, we’ll meet and greet in West San Jose. We are constantly on the lookout for dive bars and neighborhood bars, and this will be our first time at the Park Lane Lounge. I hear they have a good selection of craft beers, plus they’re right off 280 --- come and join us after work and make new friends!

Please bring a can of food to donate to Second Harvest Food Bank!

MEET & GREET LOCATION: Park Lane Lounge,5152 Moorpark Ave, San Jose

WHEN: 6:00pm – 9:00 pm
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Decommodification Swap + Picnic

Sunday, April 26th in Los Gatos

    This month’s 10 Principles theme is: Decommodification.

As your thoughts turn to Burning Man, what will your camping situation be? Are you upsizing your tent? Upgrading to a camper or RV? Have you figured out a bigger and better shade structure? Ditching your cooler because you joined a camp with a full kitchen?

Whatever your circumstances, hang on to your old stuff! In April, we’re going to have a picnic event in a local park that includes a Decommodification Burner Swap! Think “freecycle” and then bring your clean, working camping gear to exchange or gift to a new Burner.

Join us for an all-day picnic and hangout, bring your dogs, kids, and Frisbees! Since we’ll be in a park, you can also demo or practice setting up a tent, hexayurt or shade structure, and start a conversation over the BBQ about how to help each other out as we plan for Burning Man. At the end of the day, any items not exchanged will go to the San Jose EHC Lifebuilders shelter.

BRING: Old camping gear plus charcoal, items for the grill, salads, ice, deserts and BYOB

WHEN: Thursday, April 26th beginning at 11:00 am
WHERE: Murdock Park, Wunderlich Drive & Castleglen Ave, San Jose
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Civic Responsibility Event

Wednesday, May 13th in San Jose

    In our 4 previous nights at Second Harvest, we’ve sorted thousands of pounds of pears, apples, and carrots. It sure makes one appreciate the abundance we can share, living in the Valley of Heart’s Delight, where there should be enough for all! (Plus, it’s fun to hang out with Burners while we help others!)

Join us in our next food sort --- who knows what whacky fruits or vegetables we'll see?

WHEN: Wednesday, May 13th from 6:00-8:00pm
WHERE: Second Harvest Food Bank, 4001 N 1st Street, San Jose
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SoulFire Regional Burn

June 26-28 in Los Gatos

    Come celebrate the 9th year of South Bay Burners at our home-grown regional event, SoulFire! This event is a blank slate that relies on your imagination, whimsy, participation and energy to make it come alive. What’s your favorite part of Burning Man? What part of your own theme camp do you want to contribute to spark a longing for the playa in others? Is this the year that you are finally bringing an art car? What ideas are gestating in that burny brain of yours that reflect the Carnival of Mirrors and Midway themes? Bring it --- make it --- show it off!

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