Who we are:

    South Bay Burners was founded in July 2002, when 150 burners converged in San Jose to meet their neighbors and get psyched about the playa. Since RealGirl became the regional contact in 2006, we have grown and morphed into an eclectic bunch with diverse interests which is far greater than any one camp or culture. In fact, there are over 60 theme camps that call the South Bay home!

    In 2016, two additional Regional Contacts, Manea and Dirtie Curlie, joined RealGirl to continue outreach, plan events, and foster community art. Today, we look forward to continued growth to include all Burning Man enthusiasts in the south bay region. We hereby declare that all burners who live south of Highway 92 in the San Francisco Bay area are officially South Bay Burners (yes, even if you go to the City for burny things, too!)

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