March 3: OBOTA OBLONGOTA – 2018 SF BURNAL EQUINOX Art Salon & Mixer

Burning Man Presents:  ROBOTA OBLONGATA!  A pathway into the head and mind of the robotic realm. Join us in a place at the intersection between the quantitative and emergent; the simulated and creative; the possible and palpable. A living database between human consciousness and abstract calculation, where the world of being and material thought overlap, divide, and eerily evolve.  Art • Music • Performance • Theme Camps • Robot Thoughts • You!


WHEN:  Saturday, March 3rd (Doors open early for special programming! 6pm – 4am)

WHERE: Public Works (161 Erie St, SF, CA 94103 – between Division & 14th St in the Mission)
ADMISSION:  21+ over
$15 from 6pm – 7pm at the door
$20 advance sale
$25 7pm-2am
$30 after 2am
No ins and outs.
Presale Tickets:

VOLUNTEER / pARTicipate:  Interested in sharing your sound camp or theme camp, your art, or finding creative collaborators (? Email

Performers, DJs, and Robots, should complete this form to be considered. No fire at this venue, but all else: fill it out in Google Forms .  To volunteer, Fill out the Volunteer Form or email


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