March 10: “A Wild Night” costume-party fundraiser

Bring your inner “Wild” to life by dressing up in costumes that express your natural instinct… from the imaginative beasts of Where The Wild Things Are to the stylized Wildlings of Game of Thrones, and just about everything in-between! DirtyCurlie will be hosting a fantastical wonderland celebration that includes live music, mixology drinks, virtual reality, poker game, photobooth and more.

As it is the tradition of DirtyCurlie soirees, costumes are indeed mandatory… so grab your fur coats & masks & horn, and express yourself!

This is a 21-and-older adult private party, and net proceedings from the fundraising will be donated to Burners Without Borders to help those impacted with Santa Rosa fires.

WHEN: Saturday March 10, 8:00 pm thru midnight
WHERE: Mountain View, CA

General Admission $25.00 (21-and-older only):
Free entry for volunteers & artist/performers


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