Jul 20: 3rd Thursday Meet&Greet (and Global Wave of Service)

[Banner picture: 2010 High-Rise Stilt Bar, photo by Scott London]

Our monthly meet & greets are a great way to connect year-round with the thriving South Bay Burner community.  Whether this is your first year going to Black Rock City, or your 20th year, you’ll still want to connect to local burners for ticket exchanges, camping ideas, storytelling, and more.  Join us for a cold brew after work, and hear about the community plans too! The turnout is typically 20-35 people, so we try to pick low-key bars who they don’t get fussy with a big group.

If you have a recommendation for a watering hole, let us know!

Next Meet&Greet (& Hygiene Drive):

When: Thursday July 20, starting @6pm
Where: “The Halford” – 1494 Halford Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Global Wave of Service, Hygiene Drive: In this month’s meet& greet, we’re organizing a “Hygiene Drive” as part of the Global Wave of Service initiative.

We encourage you to participate & make an impact for your community; together, we can provide cleanliness, improved health & self-esteem to  someone struggling with homelessness or poverty:

  • As you’re packing and preparing for the playa, set aside a travel-size of one or more of these items:  soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor & shaving cream, and bring to the Meet&Greet
  • Your RCs will organize into kits and provide the donations to CityTeam San Jose Chapter.
  • See website: https://www.cityteam.org/hygiene-drive