Oct 19: ‘Halloween’ Meet-and-Greet

[Banner picture: 2010 High-Rise Stilt Bar, photo by Scott London]

Our ‘3rd Thursday’ monthly meet & greets are a great way to connect year-round with the thriving South Bay Burner community, where over 80 theme camps call the South Bay/Silicon Valley home!  Join us for a cold brew after work, and hear about the community plans too! The turnout is typically 20-35 people, so we try to pick low-key bars who they don’t get fussy with a big group.  If you have a recommendation for a watering hole, let us know!

3rd Thursday Meet&Greet in October:

Dress-up in your favorite costume, halloween or playa costume! and join us for a night of drinks & games, and we will even have prizes for top-3 costume winners.

Reverse Trick&Treat:  Raising aid for Santa Rosa community impacted by fire

Many of us know of friends & family impacted by the devastating fire in Santa Rosa; so many folks have lost their homes and all their belonging… and continue to be in need – we encourage you to bring canned goods, blankets, backpacks, and/or donations and we will work with Burners Without Borders & our community leaders to get the aid up north.

When: Thursday, Oct 19  from 6:00 to 9:00pm
Where: Antonio’s Nut House — 321 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306