SBB Playa Art Projects

The South Bay Region has been an active Artist community for over a decade.  We participated in all 3 years of C.O.R.E (Circle of Regional Effigies) in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and burnt the art on the playa!  After C.O.R.E program ended, we continued the spirit of making large-scale art through regional community effort.  Many Theme-Camps work on their own Art projects, and sometime several collaborate together to make larger art come to life… and then burn it on the playa to turn into ash and dust.

Browse through our gallery of SouthBay historical art projects for inspiration,  and scroll down to see the plans for 2017 projects.


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If you know if a project that is in the works, but is not listed, please contact us via so we can update our page and provide visibility to our regional burner community!

2017: Dues Ex Machina

Coming in 2017: Deus Ex Machina

CONCEPT for Radical Ritual:
Any deity, we suppose, observes our rituals.  Perhaps.  The creator and sustainer of worlds does not actually DO anything on our behalf.  We are the drivers, the doers, and the masters of our own fate.  Though we may plead and demand intercession, ultimately WE are the actors.  Even if God responded, he’d say “I do not make deals!” No offering or bargaining ultimately changes the turn of the Wheel.

This will be an interactive, burnable installation which invokes a dilapidated factory. Upon entering, you will near an altar on which to select or place your offering. Turn a crank; an automaton parts the clouds; a Monty Python-esque index finger descends and—rejects it! There is no appeal.


Contact to get more information on how you can get involved (volunteer for build, volunteer for the playa, fundraising, and so on)

Angel Wings

Designed by Ou Lin, this art represents our belief that goes beyond religions and legends. It is not only an echo of this year’s Burning Man “Radical Ritual” theme, but also a reflection of our desire, enthusiasm and understanding of the circle of life.  Twelve feet long and spreading 36 ft wide, the wood triune wings will shed beautiful shadows on Playa in the morning, will post as a blurry spikes in the dust, and will be an eye candy after sunset with visible LED lit figure to warm home goers’ hearts at night.


BlueLotusCamp has been an active contributor to our community with art and imagination. We truly believe that this “Fallen Wings” will, as always, be our gift to our fellow burners and to the BRC home.