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There are countless varied venues for the Burner community to create, express, and share rich experiences on the playa, and in the default world.  We tried to list the obvious ones, from large-scale art projects to the smaller personal surprises, fiery Mutant Vehicles & LED-lit wonders, Cabaret bands & DJ’s & Drum-Circles, photography & film to social media technology, High-Fashion to max-max playaware, Diners & Dives to Stilt bars & western saloons, Theatro  interactive games for the meek & the daring… the list just is endless!  And those who have been on the playa know what we mean, and for the first-timers, fasten your seatbelt cuz it’s a big magical world out on the dessert!

We encourage you to post YOUR projects via our automated forms.  Or you may contact us directly at as we’re eager to share the happenings with the larger community.


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2022 Art Projects in the South Bay Area

Unbound: A Library in the Multiverse, Artist: Jules Nelson-Gal

Unbound is a library– a temple to human thought, altered by time, space and energy. In the multiverse, havoc has created a building that defies its purpose and its state of being. It is unclear whether it is disintegrating or under construction. Its open, criss-crossing roof beams expose the library to the elements, and the walls, void of shelves, are clad in old book parts. This space becomes a visual, physical and conceptual backdrop for spoken words that emanate from the walls–words, poems, writings–that have been contributed by people from around the world.

After ascending a staircase, one chooses to enter one of three arched doors, each of which introduces a different human path: the physical, the emotional/spiritual and the intellectual. The doors face the rising sun, while shadows weave across the space from the slatted roof. Glowing chandeliers of book pages hang in each room illuminating the the book covers, illustrations and bindings on the walls and the curiosities housed in them. Sounds and visuals become a debris field of human thought.

Please email us if you would like to join our build . We have not yet secured our space but it looks like we will be building in Mountain View and will begin setting up the space in February. We need carpenters, open minded people, hard workers and just anybody who loves books. We will provide you (until we are too stressed out) with Scribble’s homemade sour dough bread and Jule’s killer bean soup, and probably some beer.

More information:


Instagram:  @Unbound2020


Originating City: Palo Alto



Archive of Art Projects from the South Bay


Emerging Grace: From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan, Artist: South Bay Art Collective

Emerging Grace is a wooden effigy of an “Ugly Duckling” that contains a metal sculpture of a swan, which is revealed following the burning of the outside wooden structure.

The concept: Swan symbolism has a long history of representing beauty, grace, love, passion and protection. These beautiful birds are connected to the sun. In Hinduism swans represent the connection between the material world and the spiritual world in perfect harmony. They symbolize the ability to reside in both worlds because they are connected to air and water.

Swans have also featured globally in myths of metamorphoses: Leda & the Swan, the white swan Odette of Swan Lake, the Children of Lir. In each story the swan represents the consequence of a kind of magical spell. But in the story of the Ugly Duckling, the transformation into a Swan is the fulfillment of one’s true nature and acceptance that what makes us different also makes us beautiful.

More information:

Please email if you would like to join our build team! We will be building in Sunnyvale and San Jose mostly, and are looking to add all kinds of skill sets … welding, CDC/shop bot and woodworking, electrical/lighting, general construction, and welcome other ways you can contribute. Our web page will be updated soon, but in the meantime feel free to email


Originating City: Santa Clara



Mementomorium – transforming the fear of dying into the happiness of living.
Experiential art meets philosophy in the uncanny idea of a symbolic burial ceremony in a sensory deprivation casket. The psychologically piercing experience of confronting the self and acknowledging life’s finitude aims to unearth the ultimate perspective on one’s life. Sounds deep but wouldn’t you like the happiness of a flourishing life lived intentionally? Did you us at unSCruz? Help us to plant the seeds and grow a movement at BRC!

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  • Worm Watchtower, a Southbay Community Art Project, based in San Jose (Honoraria)
  • Hexatron, by Mark Lottor, based in Menlo Park (Honoraria)
  • Cabinet of Curiosity, by Art Virgins XPO (Julie Goschy-Stalions), based in San Jose
  • Emotions without Morals, by Jacob Stelzriede, based in Campbell
  • Human Flesh Interface, by Trivial Pursuits presents Brian Horton, based in San Carlos
  • Nayae, by Masha noir Schultz, based in San Jose
  • Sparkle Pony Garden, by Viper, based in San Jose
  • Theodora 2042: The Robot Bride, by Xing Zhang (BlueLotusCamp), based in San Jose


2017 Mutant Vehicles:

Fire & Conclave: