Playa Projects: Art|Music|Fashion|Vehicles|People|and more!

[Banner picture: misc photos by Scott London and Matt freedman]

There are countless varied venues for the Burner community to create, express, and share rich experiences on the playa, and in the default world.  We tried to list the obvious ones, from large-scale art projects to the smaller personal surprises, fiery Mutant Vehicles & LED-lit wonders, Cabaret bands & DJ’s & Drum-Circles, photography & film to social media technology, High-Fashion to max-max playaware, Diners & Dives to Stilt bars & western saloons, Theatro  interactive games for the meek & the daring… the list just is endless!  And those who have been on the playa know what we mean, and for the first-timers, fasten your seatbelt cuz it’s a big magical world out on the dessert!

We encourage you to post YOUR projects via our automated forms.  Or you may contact us directly at as we’re eager to share the happenings with the larger community.

2017 Art Projects:  

Music & Performances:

Mutant Vehicles:

Food & Bar

  • Build an iSink today: A hand washing station to eliminate skanky hands, and avoid getting shut down by the health cops.  The new iSink Water Ritual System is made of Playatech, and we fit two iSinks per sheet of ply so you can make one to use and one to gift.  If your camp serves food to the public at Burning Man, check this out! 

Fire & Conclave: 

Games & Interactive experiences:


Post your Playa Art/Project info!