Black Rock Observatory coming to BRC in 2017

The Black Rock Observatory opens the door for people to a new or renewed love of science. From the simplest observations of the skies man’s curiosity was piqued, and modern science and all its discoveries were born. It intends to inspire that same emotion in those who visit. From dust, we give people the stars. Here at the Observatory we seek to expand both mind and soul. Here we show off the stars, tell stories from ages past that give the constellations their names. Here we teach of meteorites and pass them from hand to hand. Here we discuss science in all its forms and weave a tapestry of how and where and why that enlightens and inspires. And what is that, if not the very core of art?

Our main telescope is a Dobsonian with a 20″ mirror, larger than many permanent public observatories. The smaller scopes are only smaller by comparison; they, too are possessed of relatively large mirrors. Nothing can prepare the soul for the endless beauty of the universe.


by: Kevin Bond
from: Saratoga, CA
year: 2017