Angel Wings coming to BRC in 2017

A triplet of angel’s fallen wings.

Designed by Ou Lin, this art represents our belief that goes beyond religions and legends; our hopes that reach further than just imaginations; our spirits that merge from dawn of civilization and go to the dusk of mankind. It is not only an echo of this year’s Burning Man “Radical Ritual” theme, but also a reflection of our desire, enthusiasm and understanding of the circle of life. It is about soar, failure, revival and reincarnation, and countless uncertainties and possibilities in existence.

Twelve feet long and spreading 36 ft wide, the wood triune wings will shed beautiful shadows on Playa in the morning, will post as a blurry spikes in the dust, and will be an eye candy after sunset with visible LED lit figure to warm home goers’ hearts at night.

BlueLotusCamp has been an active contributor to our community with art and imagination. We truly believe that this “Fallen Wings” will, as always, be our gift to our fellow burners and to the BRC home.

by: Xing Zhang (Contact:
from: San Jose, CA
year: 2017
(Listed via 2017 Art Installation on Burning Man website: