Southbay Burners Inc 501(3)(c): Supporting “Worm Watch” 2018 Art Project

The WormWatch, an observation tower & a giant worm in the deep desert, is SBAC’s 2018 playa art project.  The large-scale wooden structure of the “watch-tower” is 2-stories high, and the worm jotting out of the ground will be roughly 24-feet high.  It will have LED lighting in the evenings, and in the tradition of Soutbay Art Collective Playa Art projects, it is burnable art.  The team is aiming to add spectacular pyrotechnic show to start the burn this year!  And they need your donations to fund this endeavor.

Support this project!

  • Tax-Deductible donations of $30+, through PayPal:

    Charitable Donation to Southbay Burners Inc non-profit org, for “The Worm Watch” 2018 Playa Art project.

    Charitable Donation via the Southbay Burners Inc 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, towards supporting the “The Worm Watch” 2018 Playa Art project. Minimal asking donation is $30.



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Thank you for donating to the Southbay Burners Inc 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, in support of the “Worm Watch” 2018 Playa Art Project that is being built by the Southbay Art Collective artist group.

Your donation will enable the South Bay Art Collective artists to build this massive wooden installation, transport it to Black Rock City, display & engage with the Burning Man community for the week, and then burn it!

Donation Receipts:  Please use keep PayPal email receipt for tax-deduction records.  You will receive an additional email receipt from Southbay Burners Inc. 501(3)(c) organization for any donation of $250.00 and more (for your Federal tax records).