Amazon Smiles Supporting South Bay Burners Inc (non-profit org)!

Help support South Bay Burners non-profit Inc!

HOW: via South Bay Burners-Amazon Smile

WHY: Did you know that you can help support South Bay Burners, Inc. (a non-profit organization through your Southbay Regional Team) by using Amazon Smile?  We in the regional team have ongoing annual costs associated with the South Bay Burners web page, legal fees, SBB event fees, and so on.  By using our Amazon Smile link every time you get something on Amazon, 0.5% of the price of your purchase will be donated by Amazon to South Bay Burners (at no cost to you!)

Decommodification is indeed a Burning Man principle, and yet we’re throwing the name Amazon around here.  But, if it’s something that you already do every day and could help out your local Burning Man Regional organization just by using a link when you do it, why not do it?

WHAT: Any proceeds will be used to cover administrative expenses for South Bay Burners, Inc. and the public ARRR (Annual Regional Recap Report) will provide full transparency on the region’s finances.

Here’s the link:  South Bay Burners-Amazon Smile