Past Event: Feb 16 Meet&Greet in Santa Clara

February Meet & Greet

In February, we’re going to get a bit more intimate.  A bit more off-the-grid.  We’ll meet at the warehouse location of a burner business, Steel Werx.  Our host Pawl has offered to fire up the grill, so bring some meat or pot-lucky items.  There will be open floor space where the model for the South Bay Burner honorarium art piece, “Deus Ex Machina”, will be displayed, and we’ll also share about the other South Bay Burner pieces that need help and support.  Now’s the time to connect to your local community pre-playa, and start contributing your mad skillz to another amazing on-playa South Bay burn night!

BYOB, ice, etc., bring your own cup and utensils, and make sure we leave no trace!!!

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