Past Event: March 25 Costume-Making Workshop & X-change in San Jose

(Banner Photo by Scott London)

How do you radically express yourself?  What’s your playa look going to be this year?  There’s such a huge variety of personae that you might want to try on at Burning Man, and the easiest way is to dress the part!

Are you inspired to up your game in the costume department this year?  Maybe you’ve always wanted to make your own tutu or figure out how to add some fabulous fur to your wardrobe?  Even if you’ve never sewn from a pattern, learn how easy it is to construct/deconstruct thrift store finds, make leg warmers out of old sweaters, use hot glue to add some bling, embellish clothes with a “steam punk” flair – give yourself space to get your creative freak on!

If you’ve got a sewing machine, hot glue gun, fabric to share, or playa fashions you’ve already made, bring it! And, bring fun, funky, loved-but-over-it costumes for the costume exchange … one burner’s castoff is another burner’s treasure!

RSVP to for coordination on what to bring, pointers on where to shop, or check out a few web sites in advance!

WHEN:  Saturday, March 25th beginning at 1:00 pm
WHERE:  School of Visual Philosophy, 425 Auzerais Ave, San Jose

[Cover photography courtesy of Scott London]

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