Past Event: June 2 & 3, SubZERO Festival in San Jose

The 10th annual community festival in Downtown San Jose is a free event of DIY, artistically bent, hi/lo-techno mashup – where Street meets Geek! Two inspiring evenings of art, culture and music to celebrate the indie creative spirit and showcase all manners of art, fashion, and maker booths.

South Bay Burners region pARTicipatted with an impressive 300 square-foot booth for an immersive & memorable experience for the SubZERO festival-goers!


– Wall-of-Fame: A 250 square-foot display of regional playa art

  • 4 posters of South Bay regional art from 2011-2013 C.O.R.E. & 2015 regional art
  • 9 large photo panels from “Why Do You Do What You Do(started by Tony Diefell in 2004 and has since become a global project)
  • Smaller framed photos, including 2012 “UP” (balloon project from Mt View first-time burner), 2016 “The Globe” (Kaptain Krunch of Hardly camp), 2007 “3 little Indians” (Blue Peace Drummers camp), and 2013 “Play Fortune” (DirtyCurlie/Journeylism)
  • “Playa Moments” slide show of people, theme-camps, mutant-vehicles, art & culture from the playa.

Interactive installations:

  • Deus Ex Machina:  The 3D interactive prototype of 2017 South Bay community playa art project delighted visitors, with a hand-cranking lever that moved multiple complicated gears to eventually sacrifice a lamb on the altar! (A la Radical Ritual!)  And 3 life-size ‘ghost’ sculptures made of chicken-wire, which greeted & surprised the onlookers. Courtesy of Faheem (3D model) and the Deus Ex Machina project team.
  • Mini-Man sculpture: A 6-foot intricate replica of “The Man” glowing by red LED pod-light. Courtesy of Frank Jerolimov
  • 10-Principles Game: A large spin-the-wheel LED lit game to engage and educate the curious, newbies, and the seasoned on the community values of Burning Man. Courtesy of DirtyCurlie
  • When-Where-When Info Board: South Bay regional events over the next 3 months (June Meet&Greet, July Newbie-BBQ &Theme-Camp speed dating, Aug First-Fri) along with Burning Man events (how to volunteer, Burners-without-Borders, Temple project, Desert Arts). We consult & connect our burners to local resources & events, so they can better prepare for their playa trip.

We collected 48 new sign-ups for our regional mailing list &/or volunteer list, and handed out over 300 postcards (with webpage info) to the burner-curious and burners who didn’t know there was a South Bay region!  All this was made possible by our tireless volunteers who helped us to setup the booth, hosting the booth each night, and tear-down.

We want to recognize: Suzanne Swackhamer, Frank Tony Jerolimov, Ken Kinosian, Stacy Braslau-Schneck Jason Su, Dani Grindlinger, Denise Hoy, Marco Tijuana, Faheem (Mercury), Chris Tuck (Twisty), and Sara.

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