Past Event: June 15, 3rd Thursday Meet&Greet

Aftermath:  We had another fun meet&greet evening with our SouthBay Burner community, in the Redwood City Underground Bar.  At the peak of the evening, there were over 30 of us… so we pretty much took over the whole bar!  Met quite a few ‘newbies’ which is always so delightful & we look forward to seeing them in the upcoming Jul 15 Newbie-BBQ & Theme-Camp Speed-Dating event, and mingled with seasoned ol’ timers and theme-camp members to get better acquainted.  Overall, we had a blast, and cannot wait to see you next time!

Your Regional Contacts:  DirtyCurlie & RealGirl (and Manea)


Come connect with other Burners who live in the South Bay, from Redwood city to South San Jose! Next event is around the corner, hosted by DirtyCurlie:

WHEN: June 15 (3rd Thursday) from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
WHERE: Underground Pub, 2650 Broadway St Redwood City

Look for the SouthBay Burner Meet&Greet sign on our table!


Our monthly Meet-and-Greet wanders across various cities in the South Bay area, to enable the newbies and the seasoned Burners to come together in a local bar, make new friends, cross-pollinate between camps and art projects, and share the joys of the dust.  The turnout is typically 20-35 people, so we try to pick low-key bars who they don’t get fussy with a big group.

If you have a recommendation for a watering hole, write to us at

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