Past Event: Jul 31, Deus Ex Machina Burns on the playa!

(picture: by Tristan Savatier,

Come join us in Black Rock City for the Southbay burn night of “Dues Ex Machina” art installation (aka Gearotica)! We’re very excited to be the FIRST scheduled burn of 2017 Radical Ritual, and looking to celebrate this night with everyone… so tell one, and tell all! Lets gather on Thursday eve to watch Gearotica sizzle into ashes & dust!

Given the massive size of this art installation, we minimally need 60 volunteers in our Burn-Team to help us with the burn parameter watch & logistics of the burn night on the playa, so we encourage you to pARTicipate, and pass the word to friends globally.

When: Thursday Aug 31, starting at 9:00pm
Where:  The Deus Ex Machina art-installation on the playa (exact Black Rock City address/placement to be updated in the upcoming days)

pARTicipate/VOLUNTEER: fill out this form


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