PAST EVENT: March 15, 3rd Thursday Meet&Greet

Our ‘3rd Thursday’ monthly meet & greets are a great way to connect year-round with the thriving South Bay Burner community, where over 80 theme camps call the South Bay/Silicon Valley home!  Join us for a cold brew after work, and hear about the community plans too! The turnout is typically 20-35 people, so we try to pick low-key bars who they don’t get fussy with a big group.

(Note we had to change from original Menlo Park location to Mountain View, as sadly the Oasis Beer Garden in Menlo Park is closing on Wednesday March 7th).

WHEN:  Thursday March 15, starting @ 6pm
WHERE:  Sports Page, located @ 1431 Plymouth St, Mountain View, CA 94043

If you have a recommendation for a watering hole, let us know!

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