PAST EVENT: Nov 22, L – Tryptophan Trip Out

(picture by Ana Grillo, BRC 2011)

Psychedelic Thanksgiving anyone? If you are in the San Francisco bay area and have no family around, join ours! We will embrace you like a long lost relative complete with aunts and uncles! Or do you just need an excuse to leave the drama of your family get-together early? Come on! Break out your tie-died bell bottom jeans and join Dr. Baron von Realz, Esq. at his home for a burner potluck thanksgiving dinner in the city of Newark. We will be grooving to psychedelic music while noshing on deep fried turkey. After eating we will be tripping out on all that L-Tryptophan coursing through us in the hot tub and pool. Get groovy! Bring your favorite dish to share. Email me back if you are interested so I can get a head count. Also let me know if you are interested in helping set up.

WHEN: Thursday, November 22, 4pm – Midnight

WHERE: Newark – Contact  for details (Dr. Baron von Realz, Esq.)


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