PAST EVENT: Apr 12, Infinite Love is in the Air

One transcendent night – April 12 – a metamorphosis – in San Francisco, with DJs and live performances, interactive acts, flow arts and creative ways to connect with other (costumed) humans! All in the gorgeous restored art deco building that is now August Hall near Union Square.

The Infinite Love Theme camp – burners from South Bay and elsewhere in the area – host this event to promote our camp dream of Infinite Love (and real connection), and to earn extra money for camp scholarships, artist programming, infrastructure, so we can give more back to the Burn, and have fun doing it! Pay more than the ticket price if you can and feel the love! Invite your friends to get a “taste” of the experience (without the dust and long lines!)

…and use your Silicon Valley innovations skills to blow us all away with your clever costume, if that’s your thing. Our campers REALLY go for creative costuming – Costumes encouraged and rewarded, so shed that winter coat and transform into your most wondrous winged self!

Spring is here and the camp that sparks transcendent experiences on the playa is back! Infinite Love invites you to fly high with us on Friday, April 12, for a night packed with incredible DJs and performances. Break out of your chrysalis, spread your wings, and partake in a superbloom of interactive experiences.

WHEN: Friday, April 12, 2019 at 8 PM – 2 AM

WHERE: August Hall, 420 Mason Street, San Francisco, California 94102



For a 15% discount on tickets, enter the code “southbay” during the purchase process.

This is a 21+ event. All attendees must be at least 21 years or older and have a valid and current form of identification to enter the venue.


-Desert Pillar
-Plus more…

~*~*~*~ PERFORMANCES~*~*~*~

– LED dance and flow artists
– Face painting
– Live acoustic musicians
– And so much more!

~*~*~*~INFINITE LOVE~*~*~*~

Infinite Love is a community that creates experiences designed to help people move beyond their egos, embrace awe, and capture a divine spark of something that transcends the ordinary. We organize various gatherings around the Bay Area as well as a camp at Burning Man.

This year, Infinite Love is raising funds to enhance our gifts to the playa in the following projects. First, the ‘Infinite Cozy’, a deeply meditative space designed for experiences of deep relaxation. Second, the ‘Infinite Love Experience’, a transcendent guided meditation of sound and light that will foster connection to self and oneness with humanity and all creatures. Third, our efforts to incubate and promote an exemplary framework that coaches participants to practice and spread consent culture. And fourth, if sufficient funds allow, a playa art project, the details of which remain under wraps.

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