Past Event: April 22, Artist Spotlight-Jules & David Nelson-Gal

Join us for April’s Meet & Greet, an Artist Spotlight, where we’ll learn about the artistic endeavors of Jules and Dave Nelson-Gal, their experience building art for Burning Man and the playa, and their current project, Unbound.

As described by the artists, “Unbound is a library — a temple to human thought, altered by time, space and energy and collaged with over 3000 deconstructed books infusing the piece with a ‘debris field of human thought.’ Emanating from the walls are recorded readings contributed by individuals from around the world. This piece is meant to reveal the boundless potential of human thought, creativity and collaboration as well as question how time can change our understanding of what once was considered fact.”

You can find more information about the artists and project here:

This event is free to the public, accessible via Zoom.

Date/Time: Thursday, April 22, 7pm Pacific Time

Facebook link:

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