PAST EVENT: Jul 22, Fundraising Event: Ali Bar-Bar and Friends Playa Prequel!

WHEN: Saturday Jul 22, from 7pm to 1am
WHERE: School of Visual Philosophy – 425 Auzerias Ave, San Jose CA 95126

Details: Ali Bar-Bar and School of Visual Philosophy will be hosting a pre-playa blowout with some of your favorite Burning Man camps and projects, to raise funds for their projects!  This is the line up:

  • The host site, School of Visual Philosophy, will have the bronze work of Nicola Stella on display and a LIVE Bronzecasting demonstration. Attendees will be able to tour the art making facilities and get a sneak peek at art pieces in progress.
  • Ali Bar-Bar will be slinging tasty drinks with a side of sass as fundraiser for this year’s playa bar supplies! In addition the Barbarians will have a RAFFLE filled with exclusive gifts and swag (psssst medallions will be onsite people!)
  • Dusty Bumms are selling gently-used burner fashion to get you ready to strut your stuff. Visit this pop-up burner boutique and help these bumms get dusted in 2017!
  • PARTY SNAIL will display “History of the PartySnail”, have a tie-dye station & server tasty bacon wrapped hot dogs to raise fund for their Mutant Vehicle.
  • The playa art project team for Dues Ex Machina (aka Gearotica, the 40-foot art installation slated to burn on the playa in 2017) will bring an interactive prototype & hold a silent auction to raise funds for this community art project.
  • Come tiptoe through The Wandering Maneads‘ Labyrinth and peruse baked goods and crafts which honor the Divine Feminine. The Mothers of the New Time will be raising money to send priestesses of their coven to a holy event in Glastonbery.  Here’s more info.

All this with a side of music and open flow space. More participants are rolling in. Stay tuned!

pARTicipate / Volunteer: If your project/camp is interested in pARTicipating please EMAIL: to arrange!

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