PAST EVENT: March 10, “A Wild Night” costume-party fundraiser

I was made to be wild, wicked and free,
to carve out my own destiny,
find a place in this world where I can be
the most authentic version of me.

– poem by Christy Ann Martin

Wild Aftermath (updated 3/14):  We had an amazing Wild night on Saturday eve! Contributions by a dozen artists & groups, 20+ volunteers, and 130+ total guests made this event a success, and helped us raise a net of $876 (after eventbrite fees) for Burners Without Borders.  WOOHA!

Our EventBrite link for BWB fundraising is now closed, so you may opt to donate to the “South Bay Burners” non-profit Regional Contact group to provide support to our local Burner community and artists.  Find out how!

Special Thanks to the Contributing Artists & Volunteers:

– Musical performance by Julia Othmer (sister of the host) who came all the way from LA, and enchanted us with her incredible voice & musical performance.

– Sound system & DJ:  Dr Baron Von Realz Esq  of the “most spectacular Steampunk Sideshow of altered reality and debauchery” Theme-camp brought all sound equipment and DJ’ed most of the night, along with Ryan Robello of Ali Bar-Bar.

 Bar & specialty drinks by DirtyCurlie, and special thanks to her sister, Mahasti, for setting up the PhotoBooth

– Belly Dancing by Petra & Tammy, from House of Inanna, dazzled us with their fluid American Tribal Belly dancing moves and beautifully adorned head dresses.

– Guitar & Drum: Musician/singer Nasser from GypsyTribe and Ardi of Blue Peace Drummers Theme-camp once again rocked the party til whee hours in the morning…

– LED Poi dancing by SoundMan from Sillicon Village Theme-Camp

ART – Digital Projection/VJ by SamadhiVision: Alexi, Tom & team all local Burner artists from SamandhiVision group,  installed their beautiful Lotus Flower & Figure on the roof & projected dazzling digital mapping all night.

ART – ‘Myriapoda Robata‘: a piece of mechanical centipede art project came to our party, courtesy of David Date; the team plan to make it operational with fire capabilities! This project has won 2018 Honorarium and team will start fundraising in 2-weeks.  Get involved !

ART – Hound sculpture: David Han @davidhansculpture

ART – Two-headed Wild Thing & Dragon figure: Original creations by Kristal King 

– ART – Wild Shoes paintings by Mersedeh, inspired by ‘Starker Auftritt!’ book

DECOR – Paper & cardboard based objects by DirtyCurlie (flowers, wild things, masks, ballerinas, wall-of-quotes, bar chandeliers, and lighting design) with incredible help & collaboration by an army of friends and family, to both create & actually install!

DECOR: Posters of female figures: photos by Dani Olivier & Chris Maher.

– And finally the ARMY OF VOLUNTEERS: Konstantin, Debora, Julia, James, Maryam, ‘Persian Crew’ Morvarid & Forough & Forozon & Sarireh, sisters Mahasti & Miranda & Mersedeh, great friends Kris & Fred & Uyen & Mondana &  Hamid, Southbay Burner friends Mark (Dusty Bumms) & Su & Baron & Annette, hired help Mo/ Arthur/ Alex, and finally the party-house residents Steve & Todd & Sorough & Dev!


Detailed Invite:


Bring your inner “Wild” to life by dressing up in costumes that express your natural instinct… from the imaginative beasts of Where The Wild Things Are to the stylized Wildlings of Game of Thrones, and just about everything in-between!  DirtyCurlie will be hosting a fantastical wonderland celebration that includes live music, mixology drinks, virtual reality, poker game, photobooth and more.

As it is the tradition of DirtyCurlie soirees, costumes are indeed mandatory… so grab your fur coats & masks & horn, and express yourself!

This is a 21-and-older adult private party, and net proceedings from the fundraising will be donated to Burners Without Borders to help those impacted with Santa Rosa fires.

WHEN:  Saturday March 10, 8:00 pm thru midnight
WHERE:  Mountain View, CA

General Admission $25.00 (21-and-older only):
Free entry for volunteers & artist/performersfill out request form

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