PAST EVENT: July 13-15, ‘Silicon Village’ Summer camp out at Lupin

What: Sillicon Village Theme-Camp collective/village is hosting an overnight camping
When: Jul 13 noon through July 15th 3pm
Where:  Lupin Lodge @ 20600 Aldercroft Hts, Los Gatos, California 95033

Volunteer/pARTicipate:  Please fill out this application by June 22.

Contact Tejas Edwards for details on this event (, also 831-566-5400) or Bombshell (

Tejas writes:

“Inspired by the interactivity of Burning Man and the beautiful naturist setting of Lupin Lodge, the Summer Burner Camp-out is snuggled into the Santa Cruz Mountains, conveniently located just minutes from the bustling Bay Area.

This is a clothing-optional event which takes place Friday, July 13th at noon and concludes Sunday, July 15th at 3 pm. What happens in between those hours is completely up to you. Enjoy the interactivity of our participating theme camps, check out all the art displays, listen to music and dance, and find time to soak in the pool or hot tub. It’s all available to you at the Summer Burner Camp-out!

The Summer Burner Camp-out promotes a safe and consent based environment, free from harassment and abuse of members and visitors. The Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) will be in attendance and will be circulating information on consent and sexual assault education.

Volunteer/pARTicipate:  Do you have a Theme Camp you’d like to bring to the Summer Burner Campout ? We’d love to host your interactivity. Please fill out this application by June 22.   If you have questions, please contact Bombshell at

Pet Policy: We love pets, but unless you have a documented Service Animal, please leave your pets at home.
Pricing:  yet to be finalized but should be similar to past Lupin burner events.
This is a Leave No Trace event: If you pack it in, we expect you to pack it out with you and dispose of it properly.  Thank you for minimizing our impact on this beautiful location.

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