PAST EVENT: July 16th, Meet & Greet via ZOOM – Game Night

We miss seeing you! Let’s have some fun—

Please join us on Thursday, July 16 for some online ludicrous folly! You will be encouraged to show off your lack of good judgement AND you’ll have ample opportunity to connect with all us burners who are going stir-crazy from all this necessary, but tortuous, social distancing.

There will be plenty of chances to participate. We will be spinning our wheel of sillyness:

  1. Sing!
  2. Confess
  3. Tell a story!
  4. Read a poem
  5. Ask a question (of one other group member, or of the whole group for everyone to answer)
  6. Describe your Signature Cocktail, tell us why, or share a story you associate with that drink
  7. Two truths and a lie
  8. Put on a costume from your closet
  9. Share a fear
  10. Take your pick.


Date and Time: Thursday, July 16, 7pm

Zoom Link:


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