PAST EVENT: Aug 27-29, South Bay Burner Movie Marathon

Just when you’d be packing, driving, and setting up camp in BRC 2020, and before the Burning Man 2020 Multiverse events start on Kindle, we want to get you in the mood and share happy memories about the playa experience.       We’ll be hosting a movie marathon on Amazon Watch Party* to co-watch and chat about three fantastic Burnerverse movies:

  1. “A Whale in the Desert” on Thursday 8/27, 7pm,
  2. “Dust Devils” on Friday 8/28, 7pm,
  3. and a special matinee of “Beyond Black Rock” on Saturday 8/29, 3pm.

*You need to be an Amazon Prime member to join us, but watching the movies together doesn’t cost you a thing! If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, search their streaming videos to find these three Burning Man movies (plus, many more are available)!       RSVP by following this link, and let us know if you’ll be joining us for one, two, or all three movies! You’ll get an email about one-half hour before “show time” with a link to follow to gather in the Watch Party chat room, and the movie will then start so we can all view it simultaneously while typing in comments, memories, and snark (as desired) about the art, camps, and people featured in the movies!

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